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LATIIH provides corporate training focusing on technology innovation best practices, which are tailor-made to your specific requirements. With curriculums that are endorsed by industry's top players and delivered by expert trainers, we help companies and teams to get the skills they need to create their future. 


Quicker learning through interactive classroom and subject-matter expert


Courses that are adjustable to your requirements and industry-specifics


Result-oriented solutions that cater to your business goals

Programs that unlock your team's potentials

Digital Native

This program is dedicated to prepare you for the other courses. Dedicated for those without technical backgrounds, LATIIH provides an interactive fundamental learning of:​

  • Digital marketing

  • Programming language

  • Creating basic applications

Digital Listening

This program is a comprehensive learning on how to make the most of your customer's online data. LATIIH will equip you with the necessary tools for digital marketing,with certification options of:

  • Associate level

  • Professional level

  • Expert level

Digital Savvy

With this program, you will learn the best practices in Android and iOS programming. LATIIH provides iTrain developer certification on both Android and iOS, which materials are endorsed by both Google and Apple. The levels are:

  • Associate 

  • Professional 

  • Expert

Data Bootcamp

Through this bootcamp, LATIIH promotes continuous innovation in your corporation. This program comes with basic information on algorithms, machine-learning techniques, data mining concepts, up to relevant case studies for applications.

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